Corporate Principles

Corporate mission, values and vision of the STAUFF Group

STAUFF Mission

We are a reliable provider of solutions that allow our customers to feed, move, and power the world.



The core values

  • honesty
  • sincerity
  • respect and
  • trust

are the cornerstones of our mission. We put these core values into practice every day through

  • transparency
  • competence
  • persistence and
  • appreciation.

Without transparency, there is neither honesty and sincerity nor respect and trust. What transparency means to us:

  • We say clearly what we want and we express our opinion.
  • We listen. We discuss counter-arguments objectively.
  • We are not afraid to ask questions.
  • We strive for results and decisions and formulate these clearly and unambiguously.
  • We work transparently.
  • We discuss mistakes, problems and conflicts objectively and rectify them.

Without competence, there is no respect and no trust. What competence means to us:

  • We know what our skills are and we focus on these.
  • We leave to others what is not within our skill set.
  • We strive to learn the skills we need.
  • We support each other and obtain support when it is required.

Without persistence, there is no respect and no trust. What persistence means to us:

  • We respect decisions even when our own view has not prevailed.
  • We are open to rethinking decisions in light of new findings.
  • We implement decisions consistently and bring tasks to a conclusion.
  • We follow through on commitments and agreements that we have made.

Without appreciation, there is neither honesty and sincerity nor respect and trust. What appreciation means to us:

  • We interact with each other impartially and without reservations.
  • We do not deceive and we tell the truth.
  • We never withhold important information from anyone.
  • We recognise the achievements of others. This is an incentive for us.
  • We express criticism objectively and receive it in the same way.



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